Nutrition: my relationship with food

September 29, 2020In Lifestyle

The truth is for all to know and can be expressed through a simple sentence: we are what we eat. Only a few people focus on the miracle that happens when we eat: that food we ingest is transformed inside us, like in an alchemical process, it becomes a part of our blood, cells…that same food we often swallow in a hurry, unconsciously. Like the known philosopher Hippocrates said:

“Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food”.

I utterly share this affirmation and I also believe that we ourselves are responsible, in some way, of our own health. If we are aware of this, food can be miraculous. It’s our daily energy and our engine.
I have constant proof of this, during my performance I understand how much the food I eat contributes to the ease, confidence, agility and speed of my movements, as well as providing a huge support to my nervous system. In fact, when I follow a healthy diet I feel more lucid, focused and motivated in the choices I make. 

Nowadays we have to be very selective in our choices, as the food market offers so many options. I believe that each one of us needs a little bit of discipline while selecting food.
 I personally prefer organic markets, but sometimes I have to shop in regular supermarkets and, when it happens, I try to be careful avoiding the “temptations” of less healthy foods.
Let me give you a piece of advice:

try not to shop while you’re hungry…you’ll probably end up buying too much or junk food.

When I’m home, instead, I’m so lucky and privileged to have a vegetable garden, which today can be considered a real luxury, because I can totally trust my products and enjoy their benefits. That’s why when I eat at home I feel fine, regenerated!
Now you’ll probably be wondering if I follow a specific diet, but the answer is no, I don’t. I am very careful, though, and I think that the secret is the selection in the choice, quantities and variety. If you follow these rules you can create your own healthy and balanced diet.

Imposed diets, as effective as they can be, aren’t always the right choice for everyone, because I believe that each of us must be psychologically –other than physically- fulfilled to feel fine.

My advice? Do what you feel right, but set some boundaries, as following your instinct on food can bring to unpleasant consequences sometimes.

I don’t follow a specific diet, but I’ve made a food schedule I more or less respect every day. I think that we have to consider not only the quality, but also the quantity of food.
I personally eat small doses of food, as I’m often training and I don’t want to feel too “heavy”. This is working well and I’m getting good results.

During my trips, I somehow had to adapt to different types of food, but I’m very open and curious and I like to taste new recipes, even if –I’m not gonna lie- I believe Italian food is always one of the best for me! 
Anyway, living abroad has never been a sacrifice, also because I can find Italian restaurants almost anywhere in the World, so, when I miss the taste of home, I can always go there.

My favorite food abroad? It’s hard to say, I kinda liked everything I tried, but I’m mad about the Mexican tacos and burritos I had in California and I also like Japanese and Hawaiian cuisine a lot. Well, I can say that travelling also improved my food experience.