Why“Two Swells”?

Our society is becoming an increasingly diverse melting pot, where different cultures meet and intertwine. Often, from this cultural fusion, a common language emerges and permeates the air. We absorb it and make it our own without even realizing it..

“Two Swells” is a opportunity to foster a community through cultures, while preserving the surfers’ natural and authentic style. “Two” because this is the number of points of contact from which new scenarios are born (originality, authenticity, philosophy). “Swells” because surfers are always in motion, constantly seeking the next swell, never pausing or giving up.

That's the essence behind Two Swells: movement, encounter, nature, and creation.

Thisis me.

Where is my favourite wave?What's my best memory?



Surfing is a school of life

The contests after the first


Surf, clean waves and enjoy stunning beaches

I’m excited to introduce to you guys a “Two Swells” non-profit initiative called “Surf, clean waves and enjoy stunning beaches”.


What makes me feelfree and happy.


Peace and meditation

Never forget: preparation is 50% physical and 50% mental.


Catch the right moment

I’m not waiting for the perfect wave, just one better than the last.


Spend hours in water

Be one with the Ocean, understand it, respect it.


Have fun with the waves

Surfing is like life: a wave of emotions where you never stop learning.


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