How can a good lifestyle influence your body and soul?

September 8, 2020In Lifestyle

If we build a good lifestyle around our passion, both body and mind regenerate. “We are what we eat”. I strongly believe in this affirmation and I am a living proof of it. Nutrition, in particular, is a fundamental part of a “good living”, both physically and mentally, as it also helps to have a better approach and relationship with the others, from a social point of view.

Society is based on relations among individuals, but everything starts from the single person, from us.

Therefore our lifestyle is the cornerstone of our present and future, as we benefit from it both individually and socially.

That’s why living with Passion can make a difference. My lifestyle is made of: surfing (training in and out of the water), mental preparation (yoga, meditation), specific nutrition, working, social life and good sleep. Around these things I’ve built a special program that’s constantly changing, but always following the principle of a healthy and balanced life.

The picture was taken in Bali, with a group of surfer friends, we were sharing our experiences while tasting some typical teas. It was really good to share both the passion for surfing and other activities, such as yoga, meditation.

That moment, for me, was my first step out of my comfort zone: leaving my Country, for a pretty long time, just with a passport and a suitcase in my hands.

How is it possible to create a program that reflects our lifestyle?

It’s simple: the core is what we like to do, something that brings joy to our body and soul, the rest is added to improve our performances. If all these elements are in harmony, you can create a great lifestyle. Of course, sometimes it takes effort and sacrifice but the final outcome is surely remarkable.

I believe we all have a more or less static lifestyle, but usually we can’t see the value it brings to our life. In other words: we are often led to the vicious circle of routine, being it positive or negative, and we don’t realize that everything is influenced by our daily actions. A good lifestyle is something really fulfilling that helps us reach higher results to live the present and the future better. During my travels, my diet has changed. I love to taste different cuisines, but also fruit and vegetables I have never tried before, so my diet changes slightly from place to place.

But the thing I love the most is cooking at home, preparing what I eat makes me feel good.