Meetings, friendships and shared experiences

September 8, 2020In Relationship

During my trips I’ve met many people, with some of them I immediately created a special bond and we are still in touch even if we haven’t seen each other in a very long time. The best friendships are made while sharing something important like passions and new experiences.

I still remember my first time in California: I soon met a lot of people from all over the world: California, Brazil, Italy, China, Korea, Japan… amazing!

After a few weeks it already felt like home.
Before leaving I was worried about travelling alone, but that wasn’t a problem at all! On the contrary, I surely had a better chance to meet people here than in my little town in Italy.

That’s what charmed me most about California: it’s very extroverted, friendly and kind people. And that’s why California, after my first visit, became my second home. I regard it as such because, even if I’m many miles away from my Country, each time I arrive in California I get a warm “welcome” feeling.

Friendships are surely a positive part of my travels and some of them have been fundamental to make each experience unique and unforgettable. The thing that surprised me most was that, even if we came from different places, we all had a common denominator: the will to know, the need to socialize and share experiences. For this reason also a simple chat with a Korean, Chinese or Arab friend gave me a really familiar feeling.

Thanks to these different encounters I’ve had the chance to meet other realities, ways, customs, etc. that gave me new points of view and taught me to think a little out of the box.

One thing that quite surprised me is the fellowship that was formed each time I entered the water to surf in a particular spot. Even if I get into the water by myself, I always get out with new friends. In the water we spontaneously feel like a family, we always wave or smile at each other to share positivity and good vibes.