Ericeira - Portugal

My favorite spots and some useful info
Part 2

December 7, 2020In Surfing, Travelling

California is one of my top favorite spots ever. I admire Californians for their kind and friendly attitude, I’ve been there various times by myself and I’ve always met open and funny people. Surf’s consistency in California is medium, but when the conditions are good there are a lot of surfing spots suitable for all levels – of course you’ll have to consider the size of the wave. My favorite surf spots in San Diego? Blacks, Windandsea, Mission Beach, Scripps and La Jolla shores, definitely.

Blacks and Windandsea require more expertise with a medium/big condition, while the others are suitable and fun for any surfer. If you decide to treat yourself with a trip to San Diego also remember to visit Encinitas and Trestles, you won’t regret it! Surf’s Up!

La Jolla, San Diego - California

Another destination that remained in my heart is Portugal. If you are looking for a place near Italy, Portugal is the right choice.

Peniche and Ericeira are the best surfing spots there. The Ocean is quite chilly, so remember to bring a 4.3 wetsuit, but the sun is always pretty strong. Peniche is a small place, an hour from Lisbona, but tourism is international and surfers come from all over the world. The coast is almost entirely surfable and just 10 minutes away there is the famous Super Tubos spot. Don’t be afraid if you’re not tube surfers, anyone can experience the adrenaline of this spot, of course when the wave allows it… careful with the swell! I love Peniche because it’s a friendly surfer’s community, there are a lot of good surf camps and waves for everyone!

Another spot I highly recommend is Somo (Spain), near Santander, a nice place on the coast. The small town of Somo is really nice, with enough tourism and surfing is suitable for everyone, with a medium/small swell. There are some surf camps, hotels, restaurants and the locals are really nice.

Ribeira d'Ilhas beach, Ericeira - Portugal

Also Indonesia (Bali) was a wonderful experience for me.

The waves there are spectacular and, maybe, require more expertise than the ones of Costa Rica or other surf spots. In Indonesia I’ve tried the real, pure adrenaline. It was a good step to face my fears in the water. My favorite Indonesian surf spots are Pererenan (Echo beach), Uluwatu, Medewi and Keramas. As I said before, the Indonesian waves require a high level, even if there are some spots, like the Old Man, with waves suitable for all levels.

I adore Bali, particularly the area of Canggu, for the welcoming feeling you immediately get. It’s a very touristy area, most of the people there are young and it’s full of surfers everywhere! The locals are very friendly and most of the Balinese speak English, so it’s very easy to get information. The downside, instead, is traffic, with hundreds of scooters running everywhere and, as a consequence, also a lot of accidents.
My favorite spot there?

Canggu Beach - Indonesia

I’d say Echo beach (near Canggu) if you’re looking for good waves, friends and fun or Uluwatu, if you prefer peace and adrenaline in the water.

I strongly recommend a trip to Indonesia if you want to try the most exciting and adrenalinic wave in your life! These are my favorite surfing spots, but I have to say I liked quite every place I’ve been to.
Always keep moving!