My favorite spots and some useful info
Part 1

December 2, 2020In Surfing, Travelling

I’ve travelled a lot, but everywhere I’ve been I learnt something new and each experience was unique and special for me. I’ve been surfing in France, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, California, Mexico, Costa Rica, Australia, Hawaii and Indonesia. All wonderful travels, but of course I have my favorites.

I love Costa Rica because there are some waves for any level of expertise.

Thanks to the incredible consistency and length of the waves I was able to perfect my level. I remember the first time I arrived here, my level was very low, but in a few months I managed to “unblock” and improve my technique.

That’s why Costa Rica is one of my favorite surfing spots. I’ve been to various locations here, but I spent most of the time in Playa Guiones (Nosara): an unforgettable experience and a true adventure in touch with nature. This small town is very peculiar because, notwithstanding some new buildings and hotels, they managed to keep a totally natural environment. In fact, in some ways, it’s like living in the jungle, but with all the modern conveniences.

I’ve also been to Santa Teresa, a wonderful spot for all surf lovers. Just like any other place in Costa Rica, also Santa Teresa is very quiet and the philosophy here is “pura vida”: lead a healthy life, in harmony with everything.

Santa Teresa Beach, Provinz Puntarenas - Costa Rica

I tried to follow this theory and I’ve noticed how important it is to slow down a little sometimes to enjoy everything, like watching a landscape or a sunset.

Santa Teresa is one of my favorite places in Costa Rica also for the quality of the waves. In fact, it offers various surfing spots with different types of waves, from the easier ones to the ones requiring higher skills. Here too you can live in full contact with nature and behold the beauty of the coast. Santa Teresa is very touristy and it has hotels, restaurants, bars and night clubs with live music and DJs. But, generally speaking, Costa Rica is more lively during the day, from 5 a.m. when the beach is already full of surfers.

A little tip: remember that in Costa Rica the gas station isn’t always within reach. For instance, the nearest one from Santa Teresa is in Cobano, 35 km (22 miles) away…not so close, therefore remember to always fill your tank!

Another fascinating spot is Pavones (the second longest left in the world), a tiny place but filled with surfers. It offers some cabinas and a few restaurants, but I’m always excited to get there both for the waves (so perfect they can’t be true!) and for one of my favorite Italian restaurants: “La Bruschetta”. Here Rossella always welcomes me with a shiny smile, great homemade pasta and a beautiful location right in front of the Ocean, surrounded by the green of the jungle. If you decide to visit Pavones my advice is to stay in Cabinas de la Suerte or Riviera Riverside Villas.

During my stay in Costa Rica I understood how spectacular can nature be and how wonderful living in touch with it can be.

We are part of the nature and that’s why it’s our duty to respect it.

San-José-Province - Costa Rica

Thanks to this fantastic experience I had the chance to know various species of animals and insects that I never heard about before; you’d be surprised to simply observe the work of ants: they carry around pieces of leaves so much bigger than they are!

I also tried different tropical fruits and vegetables that are real “super foods”, providing complete nutrition, absolutely rich in vitamins and minerals that helped me a lot with my perfect diet for the hot climate of Costa Rica.

Life here is pretty expensive, I guess because it’s a really special and rare place, where you can feel completely surrounded by the sounds, colors and smells of the jungle. Anyways, it’s an experience I fully recommend to all of you!