Bumps in the road

November 13, 2020In Travelling, Relationship

Each of us has met some difficulties when following a new path, the road isn’t always downhill and sometimes you have to climb. I always tried to get the best out of my path, appreciating also the sacrifices it required. Looking back, I faced some very complicated situations but I tried to live them with adaptability and adventure spirit.

I managed to drive my car in the traffic of Californian highways or my scooter in Bali, I drove on the right lane in Australia and drove a 4by4 in Costa Rica in the dark of the jungle while trying to avoid holes, mud or crossing rivers.

I’m not the perfect driver now, but some years ago I wouldn’t even imagine to do all this.

Another difficult thing, especially at the beginning, was sharing my apartment with new people coming from different Countries. Sharing my daily space, my habits, etc. wasn’t always that easy. The language, instead, has never been an obstacle, but a motivation to learn something new. I’ll admit that the first time I was in California my English was very basic but I’ve always managed to make myself understood, also thanks to the people I’ve met there.

In California, most of the people are friendly and open and I’ve never felt uncomfortable for any reason.

So, I’ve met some bumps on the road, but they always turned out to be important lessons. My motto? Never give up. Difficulties make us stronger, then, once the road is downhill, it’s a lot of fun! I think that travelling is a way to learn and experiment, sometimes we stumble, we fall, but it’s always wonderful to keep on going.