Why Surfing and what does it mean to be an Italian surfer girl?

September 6, 2020In Surfing

Many people during my travels ask me where I’m from, and right after I answer “Italy” they usually say:

“Do you surf in Italy? Are there waves?”

Of course you have to be very patient, but there are some spots. Anyway, I’ve always surfed abroad as I’m convinced that the Ocean always offers different conditions than the sea. 
But when in Italy there’s a perturbation with the right wind, a heavy swell might arrive, especially in Sardinia, my favorite place for surfing in my Country.

You’d be probably wondering where does this passion for surf comes from, being this sport so uncommon in Italy… the truth is surfing to me is more than just a sport, it’s a real lifestyle. And I think that true passion doesn’t mind sacrifice and hardness, you’ll always find a way to do what you really love.

I’d really love to practice near my hometown, but, at the same time, I love travelling and discovering new things, and thanks to this amazing sport I’ve been to many places and had the chance to learn different cultures. 
Surfing is has become my school of life, leading me to a healthier and balanced lifestyle, I guess. 
Being Italian, I love to cook Italian food, which is part of my diet, but the right diet is not enough to live well. It takes a whole healthy lifestyle.