The contests after the first

December 22, 2020In Surfing, Travelling

After the first contest, I felt the need to prepare for other competitions. One of my greatest goals was the Italian championship.

So I started training constantly and hard, both in and out of the water to be prepared for the following competitions. Become a pro at 25 is surely more difficult than when you’re younger, but if you really want it, sooner or later, you’ll get it.

The following contests were not easy, but surely went better than the first. I felt more mentally relaxed and confident in my surfing. Gaining confidence in the practice of any sport creates more self-reliance during an important event, like a contest.

The secret? A lot of practice and repetitions, which are fundamental to memorize and metabolize a movement.

I took part to a new surf contest in Costa Rica and reached the third position. Personally I was happy with the result, as the surfing level of the athletes there is always very high.

Finally it was time to get ready for the Italian championship and I was thrilled. I decided to train for a month in Portugal and, then, directly on the spot of the competition, in Sardinia. Training in Italy is not that easy, you have to be very patient because the sea, unlike the Ocean, isn’t always in the right conditions. So, once in Italy, I did some dry workout and, as soon as some waves were expected in Sardinia, I went there to try the surfing spot of Mini Capo.

A few days before the competition I went there to confirm my participation and I was very excited. When the day of the contest finally arrived, though, I couldn’t compete as I turned out to be the only girl who showed up. I was, of course, a little disappointed, but I went back home with a lot of determination and energy to try again as soon as possible.

Even today I workout for the contests, I like it, it gives me a boost and I can’t wait to compete again.