Physical and mental preparation

Surf is a sport in which preparation, both mental and physical, is extremely important.

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Meetings, friendships and shared experiences

During my trips I’ve met many people, with some of them I immediately created a special bond

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How can a good lifestyle influence your body and soul?

If we build a good lifestyle around our passion, both body and mind regenerate.

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Surf, clean waves and enjoy stunning beaches

I’m excited to introduce to you guys a “Two Swells” non-profit initiative called “Surf, clean waves and enjoy stunning beaches”.

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Why Surfing and what does it mean to be an Italian surfer girl?

Many people during my travels ask me where I’m from, and right after I answer “Italy” they usually say:

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A suitcase, a trip and stepping out the comfort zone

While I was writing my travel journal I realized that the story of my experiences and emotions

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Find your flow

One day I had an idea that would change my whole life: I packed my bags and left for California

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