January 4, 2021In Lifestyle

This year has been quite peculiar. I was here in Costa Rica when the virus spread throughout the world and here too life has changed. First the lockdown, then the closing of the beaches and, therefore, also of surfing.

This year the world has stopped, but I’ve had the privilege of watching nature change, as a consequence.

Here in Costa Rica nature is enchanting, but I’ve never seen it so alive as it was during the lockdown months.  The streets were silent, you couldn’t hear cars, no people, but only the loud noise of the jungle; animals made so many different sounds they almost created a melody, a hot pure wind touched my skin, I could see the crystal water and it had never been so blue. It’s incredible how nature regenerated so fast, offering me a show I had never seen before.

Staying in during that period changed my point of view on many things, it enhanced my gratitude spirit and made me appreciate the smallest things.

A new beginning? Maybe. But I think it has been a passing moment, hard and negative on one side, but also full of meaning on the other.

Now when I enter the water I feel a deeper sense of gratitude and freedom. We’ve learnt something also from this! Every day is a new opportunity to learn.